Stay Clean Wherever You Are With Our Hygiene Kit

Categorizing the Wash-Pak is difficult because the applications and end-users are so diverse.  The Wash-Pak can be used by people camping to people dealing with being displaced from the comforts of their home because of a natural disaster.  To provide some ideas of the wide range of possible end-users of this the Wash-Pak, as well as government agencies that might disseminate it to the people they serve, we’ve provided some examples below:

CAMPERS: A rather undesirable experience for many people camping at public campsites is having to use the communal bathroom facilities provided. If you are hiking and camping communal bathrooms don’t generally exist. Though the Wash-Pak does not remove the necessity for using toilets for doing #1 or #2 (please consider this as a disclaimer as well) 😊, it does allow campers and hikers to complete almost all other activities related to personal hygiene without having to leave their designated campsite. The Wash-Pak would be especially useful to campers bound in wheelchairs by just hanging the Wash-Pak (see “how to support the Wash-Pak”) at a convenient height and they’re set. Various routine tasks can also be completed when it’s dark by using a small battery-powered LED light (sold separately / see accessories) which is attached to the top center elastic holder on the Wash-Pak. By using the tarp clamps provided with each Wash-Pak, it can be attached and supported for use inside a tent, especially if it’s raining or windy.

RV TRAVELERS: If it’s just a retired couple for instance finally taking that cross-country trip that they’ve always dreamed of, the Wash-Pak, though convenient just wouldn’t be considered a necessity. However, a family trip with a half a dozen kids riding along in the RV on the trip and having to share one or two bathrooms is a whole other issue as you could imagine! If every child had their own Wash-Pak, getting ready for bed or the day’s activities would be a lot less stressful and take less time. They can just hang the Wash-Pak from a inside window or on the outside RV surface by using a suction cup hook (sold separately / see accessories) and they’re all set!

Boaters: Boaters that are going on multiple-day trips can use the Wash-Pak to take care of their personal hygiene and related tasks without relying on the lack of multiple bathrooms onboard. Even if it’s a large boat, like RVs, bathrooms are limited on most motor and sailboats. The Wash-Pak can be supported on a sailboat mast using the horizontal strap, attached to a window or other smooth surface by using a suction cup hook*, attached to a rope or cable using the swivel hooks or, hung on a tripod stand pole* using to pouch on the back top section. (*sold separately / see accessories).

Truckers, Car Drivers, Bikers: If you are traveling long distances involving overnight or day breaks, the Wash-Pak will provide the convenience of completing personal hygiene activities right in or at your vehicle. It can be hung by shutting a vehicle door on the vertical support strap leaving it hanging on the door, attached to the smooth surface of a large truck using a suction cup hook* or, hung on a tripod stand pole* for a biker. (sold separately / see accessories).

Disaster Victims and Refugees: There a many natural and human-caused disasters that can leave countless people seeking shelter in temporary facilities like those provided by FEMA in the U.S. as well as many NGOs around the world whose mission is to meet the basic needs of displaced persons of all ages.  Among these basic needs are the need to maintain personal hygiene. The Wash-Pak, again, can help to meet that need in its forms.

Homeless People: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) focuses on many aspects of life that affect the health and wellbeing of American citizens.  One of these services involves the needs of those who are homeless. Especially those living in urban areas whether outdoors or in shelters run by city governments or non-government organizations aka NGOs.  According to recent statistics, there are about 750,000 homeless persons in the U.S. A Wash-Pak, when stocked with supplies can provide the convenience of having one’s own sink and toiletries for maintaining personal hygiene whether living in a shelter or outside in a tent.

Migrants: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) increasingly has to manage an influx of migrants on the southern border that can overwhelm the facility’s capacity to handle the number of people to be housed and processed. Along with building more detention facilities to house the increase in migrants, the Wash-Pak can serve to reduce the number of basic hygiene facilities needed by distributing and hanging Wash-Paks on a post, wall, fence, rope, etc...

Military Personnel: When military personnel are stationed “in theater” or “down range,” this refers to posts that are more reclusive than being on a large military base. In these situations, access to proper personal hygiene facilities can be limited. By issuing a Wash-Pak to each military member in this situation, they can enjoy a more consistent and convenient opportunity to attend to the various personal hygiene and related tasks that they enjoyed on a larger post or base. In addition to the support options mentioned earlier, magnetic hooks (sold separately / see accessories) can be used to support a Wash-Pak on the metal sides of a shipping container which are sometimes used to house service members.